Stylist Taban cuts, colours and highlights as well as doing ‘hair-up’ for weddings and other occasions.

Taban is from Kurdistan but has lived in the UK with her family for 7 years.  Manchester’s weather is a bit of bugbear for Taban, but other than that she loves the city!

Taban has worked at Nino Milano since October 2011.  She is currently undertaking a professional barbering course to gain an official qualification in the industry.  The course is also helping her improve her English.

Outside of the studio, Taban has two children, Maleen who is 5 and Helen who is 3.  She enjoys spending time with her many friends and with her in-laws who help a lot with her childcare.

She also likes to travel, a lot.  Taban goes home to Kurdistan for 5 weeks every year, sometimes twice a year if she can.  She has 2 sisters who live in Sweden who she visits every year too.  This year Taban is going to China for 10 days to visit her husband who is there as part of his studies.  The trip will help towards her aim of visiting a different country each year.  America and Thailand rank amongst her favourite places that she has visited so far.

She loves Shakira and Jennifer Lopez’s hair and would love to style their hair one day if she could.